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HR Services - More than just a recruitment agency 

Sportspeople offers a number of HR Services designed to assist employers manage their valuable staff resource.

Pre-Employment Assessments - Want to ensure your candidate is the right fit?

Pre-employment assessments make the selection process highly objective, meaning you can be confident that you've found the best person for the role – every time.

Sportspeople is pleased to be working with our alliance partner Onetest, Australia's leading provider of online skills tests and psychometric assessments, to increase your odds of hiring the right person and avoid any costly recruitment mistakes. These simple yet effective assessment tools will give you added confidence all possible steps have been taken to investigate your candidates before you offer them employment. You'll also be able to enjoy the post-placement value that comes with knowing the candidate’s innate behavioural styles and attitudes.

Sportspeople has negotiated a 10% discount exclusively for our customers using the online Cognitive Ability and Behavioural Profile pre-employment assessments.

There are absolutely:

  • No setup costs
  • No complex contracts
  • No ongoing commitments
  • No minimum spend
  • No subscriptions
  • No training fees

All you do is pay a low "pay as you go" per-assessment fee when you invite candidates to complete assessments. Sportspeople exclusive discounted prices are $50, $90 or $135 (+GST) depending on the assessment selected.

For more information on the tests available and to begin testing now click here.

Benchmarking - Need to know how much a job is worth in today's market?

Employers commonly use benchmarking as part of their general staff performance management system. Sportspeople regularly provides benchmarking to assist employers undertaking staff performance appraisals and in circumstances where a new appointment is being considered.

Sportspeople has accumulated a significant amount of data relating to remuneration practices in the sport, fitness, aquatic, coaching, venues, events, leisure and lifestyle sector. This information has been compiled through Sportspeople's recruitment work since 1996, our research (Sportspeople Jobs Index and Sportspeople Workplace Survey) and as part of our ongoing remuneration benchmarking services.

In the last year Sportspeople was commissioned to benchmark over 100 different positions in the sport, fitness, aquatic, coaching, venues, events, leisure and lifestyle sector.

Organisation Reviews - Looking at a staffing restructure?

Employers regularly consider alternative staffing structures, often as a result of the growth or reduction of core services. Sportspeople has a distinguished record in both the conduct and implementation of strategic, organisational reviews. Some of the organisations which Sportspeople has assisted include:  

  • Australian Paralympic Committee;
  • Swimming Australia;
  • Greyhound Racing Authority (NSW);
  • Women's Golf NSW;
  • NSW Wheelchair Sports Association;
  • Yachting Australia;
  • NUSPORT (University of Newcastle Sport & Recreation);
  • Tennis NSW;
  • Netball QLD; and 
  • Hockey NSW.

Sportspeople's consultants provide industry best-practice advice drawing on our considerable experience and knowledge gained within the Australian sport, fitness, aquatic, coaching, venues, events, leisure and lifestyle sector. Importantly, Sportspeople works with the client employer throughout the implementation stages of the recommendations, ensuring the "theory" is put into practice.

Performance Appraisals - Need to measure staff performance?

Performance Appraisals should be ongoing, based on a simple, written "contract" between the person being appraised and his/her immediate supervisor. In a changing environment, such as the sport, fitness, aquatic, coaching, venues, events, leisure and lifestyle sector an evaluation of people's performance is an essential management tool.

Sportspeople has extensive experience in providing simple, working models for employers to implement and maintain a management-administered appraisal system for all employees.

If you'd like to know more about how Sportspeople can assist you with benchmarking, organisation reviews or performance appraisals, please contact us as follows:

FREECALL 1800 634 388 (if calling from within Australia)
FREECALL 0800 634 388 (if calling from within New Zealand)

Telephone: (02) 9555 5000   +61 2 9555 5000

Facsimile: (02) 9555 7612   +61 2 9555 7612


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