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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Since 1995 the Sportspeople team has regularly contributed articles to the sport, fitness and aquatic community providing insightful information across a range of topics. Many of these articles have been published or used as primary references for other published research while others have appeared in the Sportspeople enews distributed to our community.

We have compiled a selection of these articles to create The Sportspeople KnowledgeBase. We hope job seekers, employers and others contributing to the sport, fitness and aquatic sector find the topics and information of interest. Naturally, we will continue to grow the content as stories or features capture our attention.

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Please feel free to use these articles, however if you are quoting, referencing or re-publishing excerpts, we ask that you simply acknowledge the author and/or Sportspeople accordingly.

Other useful information for both Job Seekers and Employers can be found at the Sportspeople Career Centre.

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